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Structure of the WTP


President WTP: Mr. Fernando Pozo

The General Assembly  is made up of all the members registered with the WTP. It is the senior governing body of the WTP, responsible for approving the Platform's activities and, if necessary, its accounts, as well as taking decisions that affect how it operates.


Technological Agent

Technological Agents are a support service offered by the WTP to its members involved in the Working Groups to identify, among other issues, ways of financing their projects.

They are therefore used to boost and directly support the Working Groups. Via this service, coordinators can benefit from agents specialised in the field of consultancy and administrative procedures, who can advise them on identifying potential R&D or IT projects and establish an organisational structure, technical content and Potential Financing Plan for each one.

Technological Agents can be public or private organisations specialised in providing services related to the comprehensive management of innovation


To acredit as Technological Agent, Access to the following link



Working Groups

The Working Groups are the responsible for diagnosing the initial situation to identify the technological needs of the sector and resolve these via specific R&D&I projects.

 Two types of Working Groups have been established in the WTP:

  • Permanent Working Group: is a reflection group whose role is to provide strategic technology solutions for the wine industry, setting objectives in the medium and long term. It was responsible for developing the Strategic Innovation Agenda of the wine sector.
  • Dynamic Working Group: Set up temporarily on the initiative of any WTP member, they focus on providing short-term technological solutions to specific problems, through R&D projects.



Government Council

The Government Council is the main management and administration body of the WTP, whose main funtion is to ensure compliance with the guidelines laid down in the General Assembly, as well as  the definition and coordination of the Woking Groups.

The Government Council of the WTP includes 16 entities representing the Spanish wine industry:

President: Mireia Torres

Vice-presidentLuis Carlos Moro González

Secretary: Iñigo Torres


  • Agrovín S.A.
  • Antonio Barbadillo S.A.
  • Asociación de Bodegas Centenarias y Tradicionales de la Rioja (ABC)
  • Asociación de Bodegas Familiares de Rioja
  • Bodega Matarromera S.L.
  • Bodegas Martin Codax S.A.
  • Codorniú S.A.
  • Conferencia Española de Consejos Reguladores Vinícolas
  • Federación Española de Asociaciones de Enólogos (FEAE)
  • Federación Española del Vino (FEV)
  • Grupo de Empresas Vinícolas de Rioja (GRUPO RIOJA)
  • Instituto de las Ciencias de la Vid y el Vino (ICVV)
  • Miguel Torres, S.A.
  • Proyecto INTERREG SUDOE WineTech
  • Red de Grupos de Investigación Enológica (GIENOL)
  • Universidad Rovira i Virgili (URV)

Advisory Committee

Made up of experts, at a national and international level, of renowned prestige in the wine sector; their job is to guide and advise the permanent working group in identifying and defining the main objectives and scientific-technical priorities contained in the Strategic Agenda for Innovation.

The Committee is made by the following members:

  • Aline Lonvaud Funel. Institut des Sciences de la Vigne du Vin (ISVV) -Universidad de Burdeos (Francia)
  • Hernán Ojeda. INRA, Experimental Station of Pech Rouge. (France)
  • Peter Hayes Executive Director, Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC); Acting CEO, Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture (CRCV); Director of Viticulture, Rosemount Estates. (Australia)
  • Vitorino Novello. Professor e Investigator Universidad de Turin.(Italy)
  • Manuela Chaves. Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Plant Molecular Ecophysiology Laboratory (LEM)) (Portugal)
  • Serge Delrot. Institut des Sciences de la Vigne du Vin (ISVV) -Universidad de Burdeos. (France)
  • Juan Park. Wineintelligence Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Hans R. Schultz. Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim. (Germany)



Committee of Representatives

This committee is made up of representatives from public administrations and from the industry who collaborate with the WTP by supporting and advising the Governing Council and Working Groups, particularly in defining strategies to implement and develop the lines of action identified as a priority in R&D&I.

This Committee is nowdays constituded by the following representatives: 

Technical Secretary

is the organization specialized in the complete management of innovation. The Technical Secretariat, ensures the WTP functions correctly, supporting the Working Groups, governing bodies and members of the Platform. Among other functions, it is responsible for promoting the WTP nationally and internationally, implementing the policies and guidelines that come from its Members' General Assembly and, at an executive level, from its Governing Council.

Contact details:

C/ Musgo, 2. Edificio Europa II
28023 La Florida. Madrid
Telf. 913 570 798
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